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RBM presents NT1

on Monday, 25 January 2016.

Acid condensation neutralising filter

The installation of condensing boilers is spreading rapidly thanks to new regulatory requirements.

However, these heat generators produce acid condensation which must be neutralised before disposal so that it cannot cause damage to the system piping and to the environment.


The UNI 7129-05 standard does not require filters to be installed in residential units (<35 kW), however, it should be noted that for the disposal of condensation, it is advisable to use only corrosion-resistant components, free from zinc or copper materials. Not knowing the type of discharge system of the buildings, it is therefore strongly recommended to make sure that acidic fluids do not enter the system.


What is it for?


NT1 protects your discharge system against corrosion by neutralising the PH of condensation.


How does it work?


By installing NT1 downstream of the boiler, condensation passes inside the neutralising cartridge (containing calcium carbonate) which neutralises the PH causing to fall within the limits provided, to allow free draining without damaging pipes, sinks or gutters.


NT1 allows the pH of the water discharged to be always maintained within an optimal range, even if the condensation liquid should remain in the filter for a long time (for example, in the case of switch-off

due to inactivity, during the night, etc.).




NT1 does not require any special care: it is enough to replace the neutralising medium (calcium carbonate) each year at the beginning of the new season.

NT1 in brief


ü  Fights corrosion by acid condensation

ü  Resistant to chemicals dissolved in the steam which condenses in the boiler

ü  Quick & easy maintenance

RBM presenta NT1