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RBM presents MG1

on Monday, 25 January 2016.

The only super-compact magnetic system filter

MG1 by RBM is the only super-compact magnetic system filter: thanks to its compact dimensions, it is perfect under the boiler, where installation spaces are very limited and there is no room for other magnetic filters.

What is it for?

MG1 by RBM represents the best solution to solve plant problems due to particle presence, especially rust and sand that are formed due to corrosion during the normal operation of a system.
It performs a continuous protective action on the boiler, thus avoiding wear and damage of the circulator and heat exchanger.

Why is it unique?

MG1 by RBM offers a practical and efficient solution in case of limited space where a traditional magnetic filter cannot be installed. It is a perfect product if the boiler to be protected is installed in a kitchen cabinet or in a recess.

Only 12 cm are needed to install MG1!

How does it work?

By going through a set course, the fluid is forced to cross the many areas that modify its motion and filter its content. The sudden cross-section variation slows down the fluid and the particles suspended in it, the magnet inside the cylinder attracts all the ferrous impurities whilst non-magnetic particles are filtered and retained by the mesh of the filtering cartridge.

MG1 in brief

• Super compact

• Retains all impurities

• Fights corrosion

• Increases the lifespan of the boiler

• Maintains optimum system efficiency

RBM presenta MG1