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Polaveno (BS)

Built in 1985, the plant in Polaveno houses the mechanical workshop, the departments dedicated to casting and shearing brass components and the area reserved to the production of polystyrene insulation panels.
Overall, it occupies a total area of 17,000 m², of which 8,000 are covered.

Nave (BS)

Active since 2000 and completely robotised, the production site in Nave is dedicated to finishing and assembling the brass products. The plant also features the modern automated warehouse for shipments that counts 6,000 pallet stations.
Overall, it occupies a total area of 45,000 m², of which 18,000 are covered.

Nave (BS)

The other production site in Nave, built in 2006, houses the modern extrusion lines for polyethylene pipes (PE-Xc and PE-RT) and multilayer pipes (PE-Xc/Al/PE-RT and PERT/Al/PERT).
Overall, it occupies a total area of 8,000 m², of which 5,000 are covered.

Villanuova (BS)

The plant in Villanuova sul Clisi, home to Sipla stampaggio, a company owned by the RBM group, is entirely dedicated to the production (by injection moulding) of plastic components and accessories.
Overall, it occupies a total area of 3,500 m², of which 3,000 are covered.