Tuesday, 22 September 2020 06:43:58


RBM Tita-Fix is a range of Italian multilayer pipes

Available in 2 different materials:

- PE-Xc

It consists of an inner polyethylene layer covered with a middle aluminium layer, which makes the multilayer pipe impermeable to oxygen infiltration, and of an outer polyethylene layer, which protects the aluminium.

The PE-Xc multilayer pipe is the best available on the market, while PERT pipes combine the quality and price requirements.

All these pipes, both bars and rolls, are totally extruded and coated at the RBM Nave facility.
Even in this case, therefore, production 100% Made in Italy.

Brass multi-clamp press-fittings with stainless steel bush complete the RBM Tita-fix range.

The special feature of RBM fittings is that they can be used with 5 different types of clamps: TH, H, U, B, F. This way dedicated equipment is no longer required.