Tuesday, 22 September 2020 07:50:37


RBM's Sferika range, the result of the acquisition of the GS Gnutti Sebastiano brand, includes 5 different ranges of ball valves and 2 different types of check valves.



Ball valves

Arno, the historic series of GS valves, all full bore and made with gland type seal. Suitable for transporting water, steam and hydrocarbons.

Nilo, a series of RBM ball valves, all full bore and "non-explosive".

Iro, a series of RBM ball valves, standard bore and "non-explosive".

Rio gas , the series of GS ball valves for transporting gas, all full bore and fully compliant.

Check valves

Everest, the historic range of GS brass check valves.

K2, RBM check valves, also available in "mini" version for smaller spaces.