Tuesday, 22 September 2020 06:55:44



Our present: the result of a passion with deep roots


RBM is established in Lumezzane



Expansion and move to S. Giovanni Polaveno



New production site in Nave



RBM Kilma is established



RBM Metis is established



New plant in Nave for the production of PEX-C and RBM Tita-fix multilayer pipes



The department for the production of insulating panels for radiant systems is set up



The brand GS Gnutti Sebastiano is taken over

RBM Sferika is created

How do you quantify over fifty years of experience in a rapidly evolving sector? This is certainly the greatest feather in our cap, witnessing the appropriateness of our choices over the years.We have always believed in developing highly technological systems and components aimed at emerging market niches, and this has allowed us to keep one step ahead of the competition.

Furthermore, we have always tackled foreign markets without any fear, as with the domestic market, and this has opened our eyes and our minds, allowing us to succeed where others have been unsuccessful.The constant development of our production capacities, outsourcing only those components requiring high levels of specialisation, has given us total control over product quality.
Much has changed over the past sixty years, but the philosophy and passion driving our choices have remained unaltered, allowing us to enjoy continuous growth over the years.