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International Building & Construction Show
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17-20 NOVEMBER 2014


Stand 3 F 151


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RBM_senza_scritteThe range of RBM products includes all the connection and management components of a modern heating and plumbing system.

Our range evolves continuously, following or even foreseeing the requirements of the sector.

Our Research and Development section constantly collaborates with a qualified team of system designers and engineers, who operate on-site, addressing their efforts towards cutting-edge systems and components that can successfully pass the hard tests imposed by the market.

Only the most effective, convenient and reliable solutions can win the challenge and become part of our range to win our customers' confidence over time.

Today, RBM's range includes: products for central heating plants, radiator valves, zone valves, distribution manifolds and housing cassettes, pressure reducers, water filters, polyethylene pipe fittings.


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